Basic Faun Doll Pattern

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Hello Craft Lovers!

Welcome to my first real blog post, and hopefully the first of many! So far, 2020 has been one heck of a year for so many people, and the year is far from over. Since I know many of you probably pretty bored stuck at home, or maybe you just need a new activity do with your kids, or just want to keep your daily routine fresh, I thought I'd share a fun little project with you all!

Below you'll find instructions to make a cute art doll style teddy, and a link to a downloadable PDF pattern. The pattern provided makes a basic faun teddy body, and does not include clothing or accessories, but don't be afraid to get creative! You can use this pattern to make any little character you like, try out funky fabrics, use buttons or findings for the features, and just have fun being creative with it!



* This pattern does not include seam allowance.

  • Cut and trace pattern onto backside of chosen fabric. I personally like to trace, or print the pattern onto thicker paper before transferring it to the fabric, which just makes it easier to trace since its more durable, and it's also easier to reuse!
  • Once traced, add approx. ½ inch seam allowance to pattern. (You can trim the excess once your pieces are sewn)
  • Cut pieces and carefully pin your pattern together with the good sides facing in.
  • Machine or hand sew individual pieces, leaving openings for stuffing (neck, shoulders, legs, base of ear).
  • Once body parts are sewn, stuff 'em good, & hand sew pieces the together. For the ears, I sort of embroidered them on, but you can attach them any way you like if you're not fond of this method.
  • Finally, sew on or embroider cute features such as eyes & noses, or personalize it with a cute outfit!

    How to Download Our PDF Pattern

    To download pattern, follow this LINK, add the digital download product to your cart and process it through the checkout system. Your FREE PDF will be available to download at the end of the checkout process.

    *Note this is a FREE Download. You are NOT required to provide any payment information at the checkout, unless your are purchasing a physical product. 


    Leave us a comment and let us know what you think! 


    Have Fun With It & Get Creative! 

    Huge thank you to Honor Bound Design for digitizing this pattern! 

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    • I’m looking forward to trying this adorable pattern and I’ll share my results in my next comment!! Xo

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